Jeff Lax

 1965 Monza Sedan

Unlike most people in the club, I have had no prior experience with a Corvair except having an AMT model of a ’66 Corsa when I was 12.  There was a person in high school who collected Corvairs and was a little strange.  I think he had about a dozen of them.  I have a friend who collects Studebakers and has about four of them currently.  Both of them agreed on one thing, don’t buy a rust-bucket!

A few year’s ago, I had a lapse in judgment and decided that I would go to a Circle City Corvair Club meeting.  I didn’t have a Corvair yet, but I thought that it would be a good place to look for one.  So I went to Hubler Chevrolet on a third Saturday of the month, asked a salesman where the Corvair Club met, and wandered downstairs to the conference room.  There were two people sitting in the room, Lillian and Vic.  They started a conversation with me and I’ve been in the club ever since.

I put an ad in the Valve Clatter that I was looking for a late model four-door.  I didn’t get any response to the ad for a while.  One club member said that he had a 500 four-door that he might sell, but had to check with the wife first.  That deal didn’t work out. Another member, Lee, said that he had a ’65 sedan that he was willing to sell.  The asking price was a little steep, so I said that I’d think about it.  A few months went by.  Lee said that he got an offer for it, but that he would rather sell it to me.  I said to myself that I’m not going to find another car in such great shape.

So, on December 20, 2006, I bought my ‘65 Corvair. It’s not everyone who gets a Corvair for Christmas!