Rod Lasley

1964 Corvair Monza Convertible
Owned by: Rod, Drew & Luke Lasley
                                  Today                                                                       1964
This Corvair has been in our family since 1964. It has the original 110 HP aluminum, air-cooled, 164 cubic inch (2.7L), Flat 6, High Performance Engine; with a 4-speed manual transmission. It remains the original Goldwood Yellow color with the original black convertible top and original boot and has the original factory option Kelsey-Hays wire wheels and knock-off hubcaps. The interior also remains original.
The car was purchased in 1964, in Greencastle, IN, by Chet Coan of Coan’s Pharmacy, from Jim Harris Chevrolet. After 6 months, Mr. Coan sold the car to my grandfather, Eugene Patrick of New Maysville, IN. The Corvair has remained in our family since that time. My grandfather purchased the car for my mother, Donna Tippin, to drive to high school in Bainbridge, IN. After that, he kept it as a second family car and eventually parked it in our barn, always keeping it in great, operating condition.
Growing up I enjoyed when my grandfather would “take me for a ride” in the Corvair. I truly admired this car and the memories I gained of my grandparents with it. Upon my grandfather’s passing, I kept this Corvair and am now able to share the enjoyment and pleasure of this unique car, I experienced, with my two sons.