Ron & Anita Bunten

1965 Corvair Monza convertible & 1965 Corvair Corsa coupe (custom interior) & 1963 Rampside Pickup

When I was in high school in the mid-60’s, one of the big events of the year for me was the release of the new cars to the dealerships. I first became interested in the Corvair when the restyled 1965 models hit the showroom floors in the fall of 1964. I recall telling my friends that the styling on the new Corvair was more exciting than any car I had ever seen and someday I would own one. Little did I know it would take 40 years for that to happen.

My first Corvair was a ’65 Monza convertible that I had sighted parked behind a small, vacant office building. I tried to contact the owner of the building off and on for 2 years. Finally, following a lead from one of the neighboring businesses, I got in touch with the owner who was living in Florida. She told me she had purchased the car for her son but he was only interested in old trucks. Disappointed, she had parked the car 7 years earlier and it had not been touched since. I convinced her she needed to sell the car so I could get it back on the road. I was hooked.

My current Corvairs are an Evening Orchid ’65 Monza purchased from the son of the original owner who was a Corvair mechanic for a Chevy dealership in Champaign, Illinois, and a ’65 Corsa coupe purchased from a Corvair guy in Memphis, Tennessee. The convertible is nicely appointed with a working factory am/fm radio, telescopic column, dealer installed luggage rack, and more. I will keep it stock as much as possible. The Corsa began life painted Chateau gray, had been painted Regal red when I got it, and I have since had it painted midnight metallic slate gray. The original interior has been replaced with a full set of 2006 Dodge Neon leather seats purchased brand new from Detroit. This car is fun to drive and with the new bucket seats it is very comfortable on long trips.

Anita and I greatly enjoy our participation in the Circle City Corvair club in Indianapolis. We always look forward to club meetings and events, but especially enjoy the frequent road trips with the club. We have made many new lifelong friends and have had great times on the road with our unique little cars.