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Our members come from all over the United States. To learn a little more about who is in our club, click on a member name in red.


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 BECK, Dave & Gloria  1965 Monza Convertible  Brownsburg, IN

BENKERT, Lawrence & Cheryl-Ann

  Haubstadt, IN
BOZARTH, Ron  1964 Monza Convertible Brownsburg, IN
BREMER, Jeff & April 1964 Monza Spyder Coupe.-150hp Turbo Indianapolis, IN
BREMER, Mike & Missy 1966 Monza Convertible North Salem, IN
BRIZENDINE, Dan & Judy 1964 Greenbrier- 8 door Van Indianapolis, IN
BRIZENDINE, Matt 1966 Corsa Coupe- 140hp Indianapolis, IN
BUNTEN, Ron & Anita
1965 Monza Convertible
1965 Corsa Coupe
1963 Rampside Pickup
Danville, IN
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           Susan Beauchamp
1965 Corsa Convertible- 140 hp 4 speed Indianapolis, IN
CLARKE, Robert & Ann   Zionsville, IN
CLARK, Cathi & Randy
1966 Yenko Stinger YS105
Indianapolis, IN
CLARK, Karl & Cheryl
1965 Corsa Convertible-140hp
1961 Lakewood Wagon
Bloomington, IN
CLARK, Ken & Alvera 1965 Corsa Coupe- 140hp Bloomington, IN
CLEVELAND, Don & Barbara 1964 Monza Spyder Convertible- 150hp Turbo Noblesville, IN
COOPRIDER, ERIC 1966 Corsa Coupe- 140hp Terre Haute, IN
CROWELL, Robert & Linda 1966 Corsa Convertible-180hp Turbo Batesville, IN
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DANIELS, Donald & Susan 1965 Monza Coupe Greenwood, IN

DAWSON, Don & Florine

1965 Monza Convertible
1964 Monza Coupe
1962 Monza Spyder
Greenfield, IN


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FOX, Paul
1966 Yenko #303 tag car
1966 500 Coupe Mod Racer
1965 Corsa Coupe Mod
1962 Rampside 140 4sp
Indianapolis, IN
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GILLESPIE, Mark  1966 Yenko Stinger YS037 Indianapolis, IN
 1966 Corsa Convertible- 140hp
 1966 500 4 door Sedan
 1965 Monza Convertible- 110hp
Russaville, IN
GRIDLEY, Betty  1963 Monza Convertible Franklin, IN
GRIDLEY, Michael & Sara  1961 Rampside Indianapolis, IN


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HANKINS, Brad & Bev   Clear Creek, IN
Holloway, Steve & Jackie   Carmel, IN
HRENO, Terry & Judy 1966 Corsa Coupe- 180hp Turbo Connersville, IN
HUNT, Lee & Jan
1966 Corsa Coupe- 180hp Turbo
1967 Monza Convertible
1964 Monza Spyder Convt- 150hp Turbo
1966 Monza Convertible

Carmel, IN
Indiana Lake Estates, FL

1965 Monza Convertible- 140hp
1965 Corsa Coupe- 140hp  
Franklin, IN
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JAMISON, Bill  1964 Monza Spyder Convt.- 140hp Mod. Indianapolis, IN
 JONES, Mike 1968 Monza Convertible  Anderson, IN 
Justiice, Doug & Sheila   Milford, OH
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KAMINSKI, Nic & Jessica   Indianapolis, IN
KAPPES, Stephen & Carol   Indianapolis, IN
KINNAMAN, Dan & Trina
 1963 Monza Convertible Indianapolis, IN
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LASLEY, Rod 1964 Monza Convertible North Salem, IN
LAX, Jeff  1965 Monza Sedan Indianapolis, IN
LEMASTERS, Bill & Norma  1966 Monza Coupe Greenwood, IN
LeVEQUE,Warren & Sharon  1966 Yenko Stinger YS015 Anderson, IN
LOUDEN, Rick & Terry 1968 Monza Convertible Indianapolis, IN
LUTZ, Joel   Evansville, IN
LYNCH, Martin & Carolyn   Indianapolis, IN
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MANGHAM, Lenwood   Carmel, IN
MATKINS, Ryan & Kim   Beech Grove, IN
McVICKER, Scott   Danville, IN
McKEEL, Mike & Sheryl  Too Many to list!!!!!!!! Gaston, IN
MELTZER, Gary & Susan 1964 Monza Convertible Avon, IN
MERCER, Jerry & Ruth   Indianapolis, IN
MILLER, Tom & Susan
1965 Corsa Coupe Yenko Mod.
1962 Lakewood wagon
Fountaintown, IN
MURPHY, Jewel & Wilma 1963 Monza Convertible Mooresville, IN
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NORDYKE, Nathan & Laurel  1966 Monza Coupe- 110hp 4sp  Indianapolis, IN
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OATES, Bill & Cathy   Mooresville, IN
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PENCE, Leslie & Martha  1965 Monza Coupe Sheridan, IN
POE, Steve & Diane  1969 500 mod. 140hp Speedway, IN
PRYOR, Harold (Eddie)  Rampside Indianapolis, IN
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RAPP, Jeff & Tammy   Indianapolis, IN 
RATLIFF, Thomas & Sheila
1966 Corsa Convertible 180hp Turbo
Marion, IN
RUDDLICK, Steve 1961 Lakewood Wagon
1965 Monza Convertible- 110hp
 Indianapolis, IN
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SCHERER, Dan   Lafayette, IN
SEARS, George & Jane
1965 Corsa Coupe
1965 Monza Convertible
1966 Monza Convertible
1968 Monza Convertible
Anderson, IN
SEGO, Andrew, Holly & Fred 
1961 700 Coupe
1963 Monza Coupe
1963 Corvan
1961 Rampside Pickup
Indianapolis, IN
 1966 Monza
Pendelton, IN
SLAGLE, Joseph & Elsie   London, OH
SMITH, Carlton 1965 Corsa Convertible-180hp Turbo Indianapolis, IN
SPEAS, Jim & Ruthie 1961  Rampside Quincy, IN
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TANK, Dave & Kris 1963 Monza Convertible- 102hp Indianapolis, IN
TOON, Allen & Tonjua 1966 Monza Convertible Newberry, IN
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WILLITS, Gordon & Joyce   Indianapolis, IN
WININGS, Sterling & Jean   Mesa, AZ
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YOST, Don    
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