Karl, Cheryl & Korbin Clark

              1965 Corsa convertible 140hp- 4 speed
Karl Clark-1st got into Corvairs when he was 13 and bought his 1st white Monza coupe when we lived in Ft. Wayne.  Brought it home, got it running and repainted it.  Some rust, but did not look bad when finished.  He really got into it when he started on the one he has now.  Probably about 1982-83 stripped front end out and used epoxy paint for the entire under body.  It is still that way.  Since then the car has had a couple new red paint jobs and probably 2 new tops.  It's not driven much now as there are many other things going on to attend to.  Has had numerous other Corvairs over the years that were bought, restored and always ended up selling the cars at some later time.  The red '65 Corsa convertible however has been around since probably 1980 when I (dad) traded a '64 yellow Monza convertible for it.

         1961 Lakewood 700 Wagon power glide
Korbin Clark not much into Corvairs, however saw a picture of a Lakewood and asked his Dad what it was.  He thought it was kind of a neat car and wanted to know if we could get him one for when he's old enough to drive.  That was early 2010 and still had almost 2 years to go to be old enough to drive.  We looked at various Lakewood pictures and at the time there were not many available, but one showed up in the Corsa Communique in Jackson, Mi.  We went up to look at it and it had been setting in a barn for 10 years and was covered with dust and needed work repairing rust and rebuilding the motor.  That's where we are now, the motor is back in(a '68-- 95 hp which we haven't tried to start yet.  Have new brake lines in, a solid front end to replace the rusted one.  Still need to new floor panels and rocker moldings in it which we have setting in boxes in the garage.  A new paint job will be added and a few other things along the way.  More to the story later and pictures.